SafetyHead, Inc.
Competent, Quality Consulting and Safety Solutions.


SafetyHead Consulting provides occupational safety and health consulting services nationwide.

Our clients achieve a safer work environment, which results in fewer employee accidents and injuries, lower EMR (rate), fewer OSHA citations and bottom-line… greater profits. SafetyHead has been providing safety consulting services for the past 15 years. We’re very familiar with the ins & outs of the OSHA process and litigation. We know how to make companies safer. Our consulting fees are lower than most people think. Ask us for a quote, you’ll be surprised at our competitive rates. And don’t forget to ask for references. We have built a quite a portfolio of satisfied customers. Consulting is our specialty!

Our most common consultation services include:


Ø  Safety program review and upgrade

Ø  OSHA litigation/representation

Ø  Recordkeeping

Ø  Accident investigation

Ø  Expert witness

Ø  Audits and inspections

Ø  Safety manager training & consulting

Ø  Hazard analysis

Ø  Task specific program creation

Ø  Incentive program creation



For more information or pricing on any of our consulting services, call our office 912-966-9858 or email our internet manager:

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